About Eureka

Eureka! Literally means aha and came into existence when used for an astounding discovery which took a lot of time and tireless efforts. Similarly we at Eureka have made an incredible discovery after thirteen years of research and development activities, to impart education where resources are put to best possible use to bring greater outcomes.


​For this Eureka has proved to be the first English language institute of Pakistan which has provided e-content and e-Learning technology to Schools, Colleges, Tutoring centers, Education centers and Universities for last 3 years. Eureka English opens the avenue for everyone who wishes to acquire the English Language at a flexible pace, anytime – anywhere. It offers various English Language Programs appropriate for all age groups and professions.

Our Mission

The company’s mission is to give best quality English Language Training and form an innovative environment for transmission of knowledge. Our Problem-solving approach satiates our client and makes their life better- we at Eureka say “Learn for Life”. As, the time you spend learning with us would enhance your capabilities and generate an aptitude that would remain with you throughout your life.

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